Car Rental

Car Rental Service

We offer Care rental Services for Corporate , which can be used by the company’s employees. We help you treat your employees with the same care and safety while they go out to attend meetings and drive and enhance your business. We provide specialized services to companies when their employees need pickups from home, drops and picks for business meeting and dinners. We assure safety of female employees and timely service provision.

Impressive Service

Our services are state of the art and well designed to cater to a corporates need with utmost efficiency.

  • Our cars are maintained periodically to prevent any incidents of car break downs and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Our chauffeurs are all police verified and background checked which makes them accounted for and identified. Moreover, their identification details are maintained in the company records and they are well trained by our company on the conduct that they must adopt when travelling with your employees.
  • Ours is the first car rental service provider of its kind that has started intercity car rental services in India. This also enables the corporates, collaborated with us to carry out meetings in other states and cities. Small trips and excursions can also be undertaken under this facility.

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